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Life is too short to have multiple web & social accounts. This serves as a distraction from the unbearable meaninglessness of existence. #oldsoul. My pendulum swings towards the melancholic type but I love life. Counter-intuitive I know.

Most people need social guidance systems (ex. religion) in order to function, to know what to think, otherwise, they'd lose their fucking marbles. Someone to hold their hand, someone to blame if things go wrong. Obey, Just eat, Just do it, like, share, follow and inevitably stay behind. Having a nanny comes with a price tho'. Oh and distractions, entertainment. We all need those. I'm also guilty of resorting to them.

Because of my wiring, day to day survival options are limited. Authoritarian workplaces and people who fulfill "leading" positions in such environments are usually traumatized children in adult bodies, living out their frustrations. Our overlords (who I blame no more for thinking of the masses the way they do), like these kinds of people. They take orders & execute without question. Moral or immoral. They also like to feel important (obviously). Have meetings about meetings. Pushing virtual zeros and ones without any meaning, just to feel busy, important.

Having to pretend to work will kill the fire in your eyes and will also result in you developing psychosomatic illnesses. People with close to zero talent but willpower, surpass 99.9% of talented (lazy) folk.

I perceive not being "successful" in this day-and-age as a positive thing. Immoral, droid behavior is awarded. "Cutting throats" for an extra inch of privilege on the ladder. Having morals is not rewarded. I much rather work together rather than work against. Cain/Abel.

Why Out-Of-Ocus and not Out-Of-Focus?! The latter was being held hostage by some domain-name shark, but hey, we like people (lenses & domain names) for their faults. I mean character.

I'm an 80's child, looking for answers. Observing patterns. Nocturnal type. I honestly tried to force myself to be an early bird. Doesn't work. Curiosity or my sedentary lifestyle is what will eventually "terminate" me. In the meantime, I try to experience what this simulation has to offer in the broadest spectrum.

I like to ask questions, learn, figure things out. I like people who keep their promises, show up on time. I don't trust people who touch monitor screens with their fingers when they point. Don't like fake smiles. I worked with both 3.5" and 8" floppy disks. If you have to look that up it means you are probably younger. I have a couple of winters behind my back is all.

We have no idea what gravity is, we can't define a field, don't know where we come from or where we are headed, whether this is real or not. We can barely see a tiny slice of the electromagnetic spectrum. Hear just as little of the full audible frequency spectrum. I wonder if we're just an experiment. We are like Jon Snow, we know nothing! :)

All we have are stories and experiences if you ask me.

If someone'd ax' what my favorite movies were, I'd say: Terminator 2, Dersu Uzala, 1984, Aliens & Predator series (pre-2000), Falling Down, Office Space, Back to the Future, Gremlins, The Sunset Limited, Beavis & Butthead, Californication, Black Mirror & Westworld series, Glass Tiger, Fabian Balint meets God, to name a few, but since nobody asked I won't tell you. Also, there's a few video game cinematics that capture human nature very well, like Blizzard's Diablo II opening cinematic (about power and corruption) or The Battle on the Amerigo from Starcraft, or the Brood War Intro. Pure Gold.

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Much appreciated, muchas gracias.

Enjoy your stay and remember, it's just a ride! :)


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