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Not sure yet where all this is goin'. Felt like I needed to start posting. The whole Red pill, Blue pill always reminds me of the Matrix. Representing the choice between taking either the "blue pill" and remaining in a blissful state that is comfortable, entertaining but doesn't lead anywhere OR taking the "red pill" (different project) that reveals the unpleasant truth, that the good things that are really worth spending your time on, require this tedious process called work to be done.

Or are they? Maybe there is something wrong with me or my generation but some of the experiences are as vivid and bring back just as good memories like ones from the "real world". I know, right. Weird. Eyebrows at ease.

Being obsessed with aesthetics and photography, this doesn't get turned off when in the blue pill realm. I often find myself taking screenshots, photos, in-game. The environments, the moods, the stories are great to experience. Making a few memories along the way is just as enjoyable. Just like in the red pill environment.

So the idea is to update this entry with stills and videos from "blue pill" environments. Butterly effect.

There is a very limited amount of people who can enjoy, experience such a variety of stories, environments in real life. Videogames bring that barrier down and then some. Exploring space, planets, different eras and so on. You might say but video games are fake. Well, based on what I see people create with just Unreal Engine & Quixel tools, the level of realism even for a trained eye. At this point, I don't exclude the real world being also just another simulation. So we're might be playing simulations within simulations. Inception kind of thing.

So here goes.

The first image above is from Robert Space Industries - Star Citizen. It doubled as a good excuse to dust off my photoshop skills and tweak the image a bit. Wanted to wait for the sunset, but it was taking way too long on this particular rock. This frame was inspired by a 3D artist's piece that you can check out over here.

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For me this game falls into the milestone category. It is up there with Golden Axe, Prehistoric, Command & Conquer, Diablo, Starcraft, GTA.

Here is a referral code for Robert Space Industries, Star Citizen. You can read about the benefits of using it on this screenshot.


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