369 Demons

2020. Oct. 13 marks the first day of the battle against the reign of my inner bitch. The plan is to post an image every day (future self, "haha the nativity, it hurts") for the following 369 days. Need to switch things up a bit. Will be putting in at least 4 km-s of walking or some other form of physical activity. The goal is to form new habits and place the gathered points in the perseverance skill tree. No matter the weather (oh boy). Let us see where this leads ey'?!

Also plan on changing my eating habits. This seems like the hardest thing to do. Test if no sugar, flour, really takes me to the wonderland of less weight, a clearer mind like they claim it does. Have been intermittent fasting for quite some time now but with poor results. That alone proved to be not very efficient in my case and it also seems unnatural.

Daily media will just be random. My inner bitch is already itching. Weighin' in just for the record: 192 cm tall, 115 kg, age 36, BMI 30.9.

Alright, let's go, mother-Fuckin' R.A.H and all that! Character-building days, I salute you!

365 photo project day001


Fat-shaming from friends or people like David Goggins, Joe Rogan, Jose Luis Sanchez works. Just look at Mike Tyson's recent transformation. Comfort leads to misery. Stillness is death.

Could have, should have placed the subject further up in the frame, more among the ship masts and thus also avoiding the distracting elements at the bottom of the frame.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



Banning Trichotomy has a side effect. Falling bombs on people for example. We are more than just body (hardware) and mind (software). We also have a soul. At least some of us.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



Some days are easy.

(Fuji X-T1 & Leica Elmarit M 90mm f2.8)



Today was hard. Eventually pushed through and it felt great. The reward included seeing a "falling star". It was puuurrty'.

(Fuji X-T1 & Vogitlander Ultron 28mm f2)



#PMMOTORAS. New and Old side by side for contrast.

(Fuji X-T1 & Vogitlander Ultron 28mm f2)



Sunset reflections. As seen from the dark side.

(Fuji X-T1 & Leica Elmarit M 90mm f2.8)



The grind. Feels more like 14 days.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



The ship's name was: Shetland. I shet you not. "Powered by Natural Gas." Ass gas? My jokes are a mess. Yes. You might say that I'm right. Rhyming aside. My feet need some rest. Tomorrow is next. #facepalm.

(iPhone 7 Plus & Moondog Labs Anamorphic lens)


Constant change. I have yet to see a city without an ongoing construction site of some sort.

(iPhone 7 Plus & Moondog Labs Anamorphic lens)



Double digits yo'. Order and anarchy. Seems like a month. I might have just found a way to expand time.

(Fuji X-T1 & Vogitlander Ultron 28mm f2)



Bergen's Media City Center building with those satellite dishes always reminds me of that Alien movie sequence where Bishop needs to crawl through the pipes to the other building in the storm to be able to call down a new evac. bird. Same vibe but without the acid-spitting aliens. End of transmission.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



This decommissioned crane is a landmark. As much as the X-T1 grew in me. I miss the larger sensor. More depth. Bigger pixels, better low light performance.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



Demons as fuel. They are pretty flammable.

(Apple iPhone 7 Plus)



Like these old factory buildings. The warm light cheers up the cold night. Political correctness will come and go. This building will still stand.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



Art appreciating biker working here I assume. Machining parts will always be more fulfilling vs meetings about meetings and PowerPoint presentations.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



In Norway you are always just minutes away from nature. Mossy forest branches / elk antlers.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



An analogy of how it feels to emigrate and try to take root in a foreign land. One day at a time.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



Nature irons me out. Even with a ~20kg two-year-old sleeping on my back. The good weight. I blame the constant fidgeting for not being level.

(Fuji X-T1 & Vogitlander Ultron 28mm f2)



Hi, my name is John Doe and I'm a coffeeholic. It really is a drug. Imagine coffee being illegal. Legalize coffee!

(Fuji X-T1 & Vogitlander Ultron 28mm f2)



Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight. Bringing an umbrella "against" Bergen weather. No, on second thought it is more like bringing a knife to a full-on war with Gatling guns n'shit. Yeah. Much more along those lines.

(Apple iPhone 7 Plus)



There are quite a few cemeteries scattered in the city of Bergen. A bit strange considering the shit weather imposed general moral state of the population. I get the: we're mortal and it is good to see that on a daily basis approach but still. With such high suicide rates, one would think there'd be fewer of these, or at least further out of sight. BTW, the sensor in the fruitphone xs is the closest to what the human eye can see in a night-time scenario. Minus the software smoothing / "beauty" filter heavily applied (especially) on the front-facing camera (that can't be turned off). #plasticskin. One always finds out about these issues AFTER the purchase. Sony is killin' it in the digital sensor space.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



Grandpa goes swooosh! I thought sub 10min/km nordic walking pace was impossible. Now on day 22, I think 8min/km pace is achievable. Yes, it was raining, obviously and no that is not a cape. Let me quote some statistics: "Bergen is considered the rainiest city in Europe". "On average, Bergen 'enjoys' 239 rainy days of the 365 days of the year". I can attest.

(Apple iPhone 7 Plus)



Handmade ceramic from our trip to Southern Italy, Puglia (where we longe back to ever since). The candle casts mesmerizing, moving shadows. Lingering, like the souls of our loved ones who passed away.

(Apple iPhone 7 Plus)



This was either something very long that was not tied down properly or the wrath of some sort of Greta type character.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



When he tells you he drives a 100K $ car and shows up with this. Gentle giants, these. Not very safe especially for the driver in a head-on collision.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



When your parents use you to get rich via pushing gay propaganda and you become the laughingstock of the world, a global meme. Nice parenting. Wonder if these kids retaliate. There's a saying, "you might be through with the past but the past ain't through with you". Greta's parents, I salute you. How dare you?!

(Apple iPhone Xs)



A rare sight in Bergen, the lack of 100% cloud cover. A good reminder that there are these things called stars. A moon, casting a shadow on a chimney. Sony's tiny night vision sensor in a cellphone from 2018.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



As a few kilos frop and I feel like my fitness improved, my range and performance went up. Physical activity is a good antidote to low energy levels counterintuitively. Anxiety, demons in general. Can you spot the subtle transhumanist, genderless, lgbtq bolshevik propaganda? Rainbows are ruined forever that's for sure. Forced positivity.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



Norwegians are also fond of American cars. You could say they are collectors. Despite the horrendous import taxes. I guess some run out of money during the early stages of the, I'll get myself a piece of 'Murrica. Maybe they lose interest or maybe some other life-altering circumstances stop them in their tracks, like kids or something. If I'd be a car, the news of moving to Bergen would be like a death sentence. Rain, salt, accelerated decay. This ain't no California. Sad sight.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



Cattle and slaughterhouse is what always reminds me of. Have the same feeling when standing in line at airports. Life is counter-intuitive. Sometimes being Negative is a Positive. Brain tickling was not fun or necessary. I could have given them a used tissue. Wonder if this was a test, DNA database building or implanting something. Yeah, roll your eyes. I know. Anyways. Had to do it. Don't wanna' lose my job. Can't wait until some sort of vaccine or chip implant is mandatory in order to be able to be granted access to a supermarket to buy food and diapers. I for one am glad that COVID didn't cure everything. Influenza my old friend. Not that I missed you but I'm glad we could keep you. This trendy version of Covid cured so many things. Cancer, heart failure, car accidents, poor health and almost influenza too. This is a very dominant virus, this one. I'm waiting for the rest of the viruses to start protesting any time now. Equality among viruses would be nice, innit'?! At least equality of opportunity (not outcome). I wish the other viruses were equally represented and not let themselves be pushed around and used by this tyrant. Covid's privilege needs to be addressed. :P Non-Covid-virus lives matter!! Also, if this is a virus, why is it mandatory in some places to disinfect your hands? Alcohol only kills bacteria, not viruses. Also if this virus causes respiratory problems, why are masks mandatory? Don't mask further restrict and deteriorate the amount and chance of access to much needed fresh air? Why is re-inhaling used air from your lungs good for you again?! Also, why do we let this be done to us with a virus that has a 99.99% survival rate? I don't see the logic. I'm just asking for a friend.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



Regular night lamps are so overrated. Treat yourself to a horse-lamp why don't you?! Must be a conversation starter... about how your lack of taste or style. In a storefront tho' it serves well and draws attention. WTF is a horse doin' in a kitchen?!

(Apple iPhone Xs)



I'm not sayin' it's aliens, but it's aliens.

(Apple iPhone Xs)



Imperfections are easily approachable and relatable. Flawless things are suspicious and (unattainable). T'is what it 'tis. How u doin'?!

(Apple iPhone Xs)



This is getting really boring really fast. The weather doesn't help. I'm not a fuckin' toad. Don't know what to tell ya'. I'm not even at 10%. The "I wanna' quit", "this is useless" feelings are goin' up on the y-axes. The inner bitch is preparing for war. I guess he got the message that I ain't playin'. Didn't lose much weight but I'm already developing multiple personalities. Geeeez'. I guess not only drugs have side effects.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



There are a few exceptions when rainy clouds take a day off or something. If that day coincides with a day when one doesn't have to go to work, well, you get a taste of what it could be like, what it is like when the weather is normal. There is no good weather or bad weather, it is just weather. I just happen to like this type of weather better. Sure do appreciate these exceptions more since we live here. Reminds me of southern Italy tho', but the Scandinavian air, the sharp edges of the breeze bing you back to reality. Compared to the warm, silky, buttery breeze one can experience there. Compromises.

(Fuji X-T1 & Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 ZM)



2022. Jan. 07. This is where I pick up again. Why? Life, kids, work, pneumonia. Needless to say, I hate myself, just like this stranded Hydra. See you tomorrow? (iphone xs)



Hello again. Angry bus is angry. (iphone xs)



Symmetry. Nowhere to be found. (iphone xs)



Drive-by. Pew-Pew. (iphone xs)



Tolerances. Drive by feel, man and machine connection and other philosophical shit. (iphone xs)

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