outofocus wedding photos in scandinavian woods

Back in 2017 the missis and I headed out in the wilderness to explore like we do when we have a chance. We just pick a random area on google maps that looks promising and head out.

Usually, she is the one who has to drag me away from the desk but things change once we're out and about. I become the one who has to be held back. My curiosity leads me to to push things, go further, and explore a bit more just 'till the next corner and the next and the next.

We were somewhere around 60.390888, 5.560830. Had no kids back then. We thought we had no time. We thought we were tired. LOL!

Anyways. So there we are stomping our feet, enjoying the "no signal" message on our phones and everything that brings along with it. Fresh air, no crowds, beautiful views. That's when she comes up with this idea that maybe we should shoot some pre-wedding photos in this area.

We both agreed that this area was really purrty' but I had some concerns about what that entails from a logistics point of view.

Carrying gear, clothes & hangers, extra pairs of shoes and all that jazz. There were also a bunch of mosquito-infested hotspots on our way back that also raised some concerns but she was determined.

Here's a bunch of images from that session. Had to come to the stone-cold conclusion that I might have to drop the "more images coming soon". I've spat in my own mouth so many times. "Soon" is also a relative term. I'm sure some of you smile while reading this. I owe an apology to some of you. I'm truly sorry. Again, I promise to deliver what I'm due, the only question is when. Believe me, I'm carrying each and every promise as a weight in my conscience every day ever since.

Images below are a mix of Sony A7 (first gen.) and Pentax 6x7 (film camera, heavy as fuck) with a grain of iPhoneography. Lenses used were Leica M mount on the Sony via an adapter and the 105mm status quo lens on the Pentax. Freelensing that medium-format monster is a challenge.

outofocus 01

Visited the area a couple of times. Last time with gear and clothes. We looked out of place. Sherpas in the Himalayas.

We've met a couple of hikers along the way. An elderly couple greeted us with the regular raised eyebrow and a smile. Asked wtf?! :) politely obviously. We have this tendency to stick out, not willingly, in lots of life scenarios. Pretty sure we were the only ones shooting wedding photos in that valley. Ever. Pretty cool. I mean these were hiking trails. You know, backpacks, boots, shorts, and sandwiches come to mind, not wedding dresses.

Feel a weird sensation of fulfillment even when I think of it.

outofocus 02
outofocus 03

Remote control apps come in handy in times like these.

outofocus 04
outofocus 07

Yes. Shot our own photos if it wasn't obvious. The range is surprisingly good on those remote app solutions. There is no autofocus tho' if you shoot an M lens. The trade-off is worth it.

outofocus 06
outofocus 05

This joint is called out of focus for a reason :)

outofocus 09

Might as well have some fun while we're at it. I'm not used to being in front of the camera. Just went with seeming serious. You can't go wrong with that.

Excuse the lack of makeup and wrinkles on me' clothes. When we left home everything was wrinkle free. Seems like it was a waste of time to iron but I'm sure Kinga disagrees. :) If it was up to her she'd probably have brought that with us as well. Not sure where we would have plugged it in tho'.

Maybe I did something wrong because her dress doesn't seem as "tired", now that I look at it more closely. At this point, we were two hours-ish' into the hike.

Here I'm trying the "I'm having an internal debate on why I agreed to this" look.

outofocus 08
outofocus 11
outofocus 10
outofocus 12
outofocus 14

Heading deeper into them' elvish woods.

outofocus 15
outofocus 16
outofocus 13

Shhh. Be vewy-vewy-quiet, I'm hunting elves! :D


Boy, oh boy! Elv 'twacks!

outofocus 17

Gotcha, :) gonna marry this one. To quote the great Gyuri bácsi, "összekötjük életünk vonalát". "Blokkolnám, teccik nekem ez a nô'é".

outofocus 18
outofocus 19
outofocus 20
outofocus 21
outofocus 22
outofocus 25
outofocus 31
outofocus 27

Virgin lands. Aside from the small bridge and some benches built mostly from branches lifted from the environment, everything was just raw nature.

outofocus 30
outofocus 24
outofocus 32

Like this "fény-kép" a lot. Hungarian is such a complex and beautiful language. Fény meaning light and kép meaning picture in a word to word translation but that doesn't come close. I consider myself lucky.

outofocus 28
outofocus 29
outofocus 34

Another "act like a model" moment. Good thing we decided to do this ourselves. It was intimate. No pressure or anxiety, aside from the "act like a model" of course.

outofocus 35

Can't remember what she said here but it was obviously mildly amusing. She got pretty proficient at manual focusing. I'm proud of her.

outofocus 42
outofocus 33

I like color. I could not live with a monochrome camera.

outofocus 37
outofocus 36
outofocus 39

Hot stuff. Imperfections make people approachable, attractive, sexy, human. Now that she is a mom I guess I can call her a MILF. :P Ba-dum-tss.

outofocus 40

My jokes are dumb.

outofocus 41

The Scandinavian wilderness has it's own specific vibe. Much different compared to what we're used to. Beautifull, nonetheless.

outofocus 44
outofocus 43

This concludes the snippet of the shoot. Process them relatively fast because she was blackmailing me! The ultimatum was that she'd only change her family name to her new one on facebook if I'll publish the shoot. As if she was doing me a favor, when in reality it was the other way around. Ti-hihi.

Thinking back on this whole experience, trip. Any trip for that matter, would have been so very shallow despite the views, if there was nobody to share it with (share as in with a friend or a partner not as in share on social media).

Everything happens for a reason.

I got lucky.

This was on our way back to the parking lot.

So many trails and valleys left to explore even just in this "neighborhood".

Did I mention "we" decided to shoot at several locations?

Looking back, I'm glad she persuaded me.

I'm like those old cars from the nineteen hundreds that had to be cranked, but once I get started... I fall on the other side of the "horse".

Whine to leave the house and beg me to go home when we're out.

outofocus 48

Our next spot: 60.452555, 4.915717.

outofocus 46
outofocus 45
outofocus 47
outofocus 49
outofocus 50
outofocus 51
outofocus 52
outofocus 53
outofocus 54
outofocus 56

This is my "I wonder if the remote is working" face and "I hope the wind doesn't blow over the tripod" all in one. A haircut was long overdue.

It was cold and windy. That spot usually is. Feels like the edge of the world. Map. There's even some lines in the rocks. I swear. There is something very hostile and threatening about lands in Norway compared to the Carpathian mountains. Living here is an adventure for sure. I think it is safe to say we're both thankful that we can experience it. The wider the spectrum the better. IMHO.

outofocus 55

Time to wrap it up! Love you honey bunny :*

Thanks for tuning in folks. Until next time...


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