In order to kickstart / reboot the creative juices and somehow kick myself in an upward cycle, decided to practice on a seemingly small project. Some acquaintances were leaving Bergen and decided to fly out and greet them as they leave. Thought it would be fun. Was an extra alibi to fly. They get a nice memory. Win-win type'o'situation. It is hard to find time with a one year and a one month old to do anything, sleep even. Work used to be work, now it is a place where I go to rest. Things change.

Finished processing the video this morning around 2 am after kids finally depleted their batteries around 2300 yesterday and went in to charge mode. Realized this was more work than initially anticipated because, well, lack of routine mostly. I'm really rusty. Have so much material just waiting, piled up, a whole mountain range. This seemed like a good place to start and was pretty recent, simple and short compared to what is burdening me in the pipeline.

Video was shot on a DJI Mavic Pro 2 in Bergen, Norway on a pretty advantageous day. Gathering flight hours.

What else? Audio used is free to download from SoundCloud. First one is Aurora - Walking in the air, second is Ambinate - When Tell.

Gotta' run. Talk to you in the next one.


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